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The overarching goals of the InTune Project include increasing R/US clinical sites, increasing the numbers of FNP students in ANEW traineeships, increasing the number of FNP graduates, maintaining or increasing board certification pass rates, and increasing the percentage of graduates gaining employment in R/US areas. Academic-practice partnerships provide important services to vulnerable populations and provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the many complexities of clinical practice. Clinical Coordinators (CCs), are faculty who will serve as the liaison between each student, clinic, and the academic environment, and between academic and clinical venues.

Tyler Clinic


We are currently partnering with several clinics in Tyler and the surrounding areas to provide two fully licensed FNPs to provide care. In turn, these community partners will provide space and clientele for said FNPs as well as UT Tyler FNP students who will precept with them as part of their clinical hour requirements. UT Tyler faculty FNPs will provide oversight at each clinical site on an as-needed basis and to help coordinate data collection for HRSA performance reporting requirements. Currently, we have an FNP employed full-time with the Bethesda Clinic and a second full-time FNP employed by FCOC in Tyler, Athens, and Jacksonville.

a. Bethesda Clinic in Tyler, which boasts more than 25 major community donors, who provide professional medical services, medical supplies,

Other Community Partners


c. The UT Tyler FNP Program contracts with over 700 clinical facilities, 51% of which serve R/US vulnerable populations. Other examples of community partners include, Special Health Resources of Texas (SHRT) Clinic in Tyler, Texas, serves a diverse population of uninsured and homeless from the Greater East Texas area, and has joined Hi-Way 80 Rescue Mission Clinic increase the utilization of the partnership with UT Tyler’s FNP Program. The NE Texas Public Health District serves a vital function for the citizens of Smith County and NE Texas to prevent illness, promote health, and protect the community and partners with hospitals and primary care entities to fulfill these goals.

CommUnity Cares

Integration of Community Health Coaches

The InTune Project will help solidify an existing network of health resources (hospitals, clinics, healthcare professionals, and ancillary service providers) known as CommUnity Cares in a practice partnership with UT Tyler Braithwaite School of Nursing to achieve mutual goals. The philosophy of the CommUnity Cares medical home network is to ‘meet patients where they are’ by establishinga relationship between the patient, clinic, provider,

Integration of Clinical Coordinators

Dedicated faculty, known as Clinical Coordinators (CCs), will manage student/preceptor/site interactions on an ongoing basis. Four CCs, all of whom are doctoral-prepared DNPs and fully credentialed and practicing FNPs, will be assigned to one or more of the R/US practice partner sites. Collaborative goals, and shared knowledge are the values of the academic-practice partnership model.



Recruitment of R/US clinical sites is aggressive and ongoing. Collaboration with agencies like the Area Health Education Consortium (AHEC) increases clinical placement of students. Texas AHEC East works to improve the health of individuals and communities it serves through a wide array of programs that support health workforce development,


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Carol A. Rizer, Project Director


Melinda Morris, Grant Coordinator

Elisa Morrison, FNP Clinical Specialist

Bethesda Clinic

Kari Kennel, FNP Clinical Specialist

(FCOC) Tyler and Athens

UT Tyler

The University of Texas at Tyler and the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration have partnered to advance nurse education and healthcare, meeting patients where they are in East Texas. With a $1.399 million HRSA grant, The University of Texas at Tyler will create the INTUNE Network, consisting of academic-practice partnerships with local and regional clinics that provides immersive clinical traineeships in diverse and rural populations for primary care nurse practitioner students.

This grant, named INTUNE, is part of the Advanced Nursing Education Workforce awards by the federal government for 2017-2019.

The term ‘in tune’ means to create harmony between instruments in a musical setting. Similarly, the INTUNE project will create partnerships that have been carefully crafted to provide primary care and leadership services ‘in tune’ with the needs of a rural/underserved population.

The University of Texas at Tyler’s INTUNE Network plans to create synergy between existing primary care medical homes, developing on-call, telehealth and community health coach services to optimize communication, providing awareness, encouragement and guidance through a more easily-navigated healthcare model.

Some of the funding will also help increase the numbers of clinical traineeships for FNP students among rural and underserved populations, thereby increasing the numbers and employment of workforce ready FNP graduates. The University of Texas at Tyler FNP program currently contracts with more than 700 clinical placement sites of which at least 60 percent focus on service to rural and/or underserved vulnerable populations.

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